Displacement – Karen Cornelius & Peter Tittenberger

August 1 2019, September 1 2019, October 1 2019, November 1 2019 and December 1 2019

Manitoba Arts Network

Displacement | Karen Cornelius & Peter Tittenberger
medium: sculpture & printmaking
number of works: 15

This exhibition provides two reflections on childhood histories of displacement and the plights of displaced peoples. It is based on becoming unwanted due to political, economic, social, cultural or religious change. The exhibition also probes what migrants physically carry when forced to leave home. The emotional and spiritual baggage refugees bring with them in body such as memory, familiarity, cultural identity, grief, sadness and loss.

May - NorVA Centre, Flin Flon, MB
August & September - Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary, MB
October - Thunder Bay Art Gallery, On
November & December - Sam Waller Museum, The Pas, MB


Website: https://manitobaartsnetwork.ca/touring-exhibitions/