Celebrate Canada

Watson Art Centre

Celebrate Canada | Yvette Cuthbert
medium: painting
number of works: 75

Celebrate Canada is 150 acrylic paintings that evoke Canadian identity, pride, and what it means to be Canadian. This artist chose to paint ritualistically in predominantly red and white with the use of strategic yellow and black highlights. Yvette Cuthbert has created a wide variety of works on themes of Indigenous cultures, nature, sports, childhood memories, iconic people, historical sites, historical benchmarks, inventions and industry. She designed this installation to keep images referring to Canada’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms together to assist tour guides in their programming.

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June & July 2019 - Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary Manitoba
January 2020 - Watson Art Centre, Dauphin, Manitoba


Website: https://manitobaartsnetwork.ca/touring-exhibitions/