Antarctica: Layers of Time, Beautiful Monsters – Hugh Conacher

September 1 2019, December 1 2019 and January 3 2020

Manitoba Arts Network

Antarctica: Layers of Time, Beautiful Monsters | Hugh Conacher
medium: photography, framed
number of works: 16

The Arctic and Antarctic are preeminent teachers of the play of light and sculptural form. The Antarctic has extraordinary luminosity. Its scale is incomprehensible. Time stands still. This artist is fascinated by the range of light-related phenomena, weather and form in both Polar Regions, an experience not like anywhere else in the world. In the three weeks Hugh Conacher spent in the Antarctic, he captured over 10,000 images of mountains, ice, animals and rust. When he returned home, he fully realized what he had experienced. The luminosity of this mountainous environment is extraordinary – light behaves differently there. Colours are unimaginably intense and yet the natural environment appears to be monochromatic.

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September 2019 - Watson Art Centre, Dauphin, MB
December 2019 & January 2020 - Burrows Trails Arts Council, McCreary, MB