Spheres Lens & Tabernacle - Susan Turner

Burrows Trail Arts Council

Spheres, Lens & Tabernacle | Susan Turner

medium: prints on paper & vinyl, framed
number of works: 23

Spheres and Lens speaks of energy and play by exploring circular and vertical motion, pattern, colour, and repetition. They are comprised of framed prints on paper, and Tabernacle is comprised of prints on perforated vinyl.Turner’s works all involve experimental/poetic ideas that employ an idiosyncratic voice as well as the animation of materials and objects. Her artworks are explorations of time, memory, identity, and psychological states.

Book now: email or call 204-943-0036

July 2019- Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council
October & November 2019 - Burrows Trails Arts Council


Website: https://manitobaartsnetwork.ca/touring-exhibitions/