Burrows Trail Arts Council

We currently have board members from Glenella and McCreary. We would love to have more people plus someone from Riding Mountain, Kelwood, Alonsa and Laurier. Please contact us if you or someone you know would be interested. You don't have to be an artist - we wand people who are interested in continuing our programming.

The name was chosen through a contest held in 1986. The name originates from a trail developed by the Dominion Government to facilitate the settlement of the Dauphin region, during the 1890’s.

Between 1891 and 1903 a regular stage-coach service transported mail and passengers to various points along it’s length. It was used extensively until the Canadian National Railway was constructed through the district in 1903.

The route of this trail originally followed the Arden ridge to the “Birnie corner”, then followed the foot of the Riding Mountain to McCreary and beyond.

We felt this name had a local history, but was vague enough in geographic boundaries to include most of the seven towns we were serving at that time. Johanna Desrosiers’ daughter submitted the name.

Our office was originally in the Shaw’s building beside the library on Burrows Road. We moved to the Morden house across from the Royal Bank in 1989 and then into the Village Complex on 2nd Ave. In 2010 we moved to 606 Burrows Road, McCreary.

We receive funding from the Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism in the form of a consolidated operating & program grant. We also receive support from the Municipalities we work in. Originally we served McCreary, Alonsa, Glenella, Rosedale and Ste. Rose. As we lost volunteer support from Ste. Rose we ceased to serve that area. Our other major funders are Canadian Heritage and Beautiful Plains Foundation.

Our aim is to bring exposure and developmental programming to the communities we serve in the areas of culture and the arts. (visual, literary, and performing)

We have a board with members representing each town we serve, comprised of 4 executive members and 4 to 11 members at large.

We would also like to recognize past funding from Arts Stabilization, Manitoba Community Services Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Thomas Sills Foundation.


606 Burrows Rd

McCreary, Manitoba, Canada

(204) 835-2192

Email: mailto:btac@mymts.net
Website: https://burrowstrailartscouncil.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Burrows-Trail-Arts-Council-461399910582635/