James & Jamesy

2016\'s CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD WINNERS for BEST LIVE ENSEMBLE, and 16-time \'BEST OF FEST\' winners, James & Jamesy tour Canada annually with their wildly successful British Comedies: 2 for Tea, High Tea, O Christmas Tea, and James & Jamesy in the Dark. James & Jamesy is Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles in collaboration with David MacMurray Smith. Their shows are truly fun riffs on British farce that are steeped in playfulness, meticulous physical comedy, and an unabashed love for the unexpected. With loveable characters, rich emotion, and fantastical trips of the imagination, the duo create immersive performances that remind adult audiences of the children they once were – and still are. Since 2013, their performances have delighted over 60,000 Canadians coast-to-coast and have been performed at many of Western Canada’s premiere theatres. They were the top grossing show at the Winnipeg Fringe in 2016, and are considered "one of the most popular fringe duos ever" by CBC.