Kathy Freeman Sculpture

Kathy Freeman was raised in Vancouver, B.C. and has been sculpting for 30+ years,
Kathy has always seen shapes inside of rocks and other objects, and pictures in the details of wallpaper, linoleum, paint spatter, and any other random patterns. Kathy has sculpted in many mediums and styles, but says that in the last few years, she feels as though she has found her “Style” in the sculpting of whimsical stone animals, full of movement and expression, and in a new obsession with “People of the Trees”. aka “Stick People”. While trimming trees one day, she noticed the shapes of people in motion among the sticks. She has not been able to chop or burn any of these “people” since. Kathy has begun placing these people in themed dioramas using microcrystalline wax.


Visual Artist