Woody Holler and His Orchestra

Woody Holler grew up on the Canadian prairie hearing the songs of the cowboy. Although he was later trained in opera, a sense of nostalgia held him close to those western roots. In 2009, Woody teamed up with some of Winnipeg’s finest jazz musicians and began purveying his own brand of Western Swing. Since 2010, the band has showcased very successfully across Western Canada, which has led to several tours from across the prairies to the Atlantic and many tours of the Pacific. They have enjoyed a tour of the Northwest Territories and past the arctic circle. In 2016, the band spent three-weeks touring England on behalf of the Northern England Arts Network. Their first album, “Western Skies,” was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2010. Woody and the boys have just completed their second album, "Jazz From The Saddle.”


Website: http://woodyholler.ca


Jazz & Blues