Celebrate Canada

Artist: Yvette Cuthbert
Celebrate Canada is 150 acrylic paintings that evoke Canadian identity, pride, and reflection on what it truly means to be Canadian. Painted in predominantly red and white with the use of strategic yellow and black highlights. Yvette has created a variety of works using the following themes: indigenous and nature, sports, childhood memories, iconic people, historical sites, historical benchmarks, inventions, and industry. They are hung by keeping Canada’s charter of human rights and freedoms images together to assist the gallerist in their explanation to guests and viewers.

Canadiana imagery portrayed includes: the Petroforms in the White shell, Pictographs in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Alberta, an image of what the Vikings homes looked like when they came over, much before the Voyageurs. There is an image of a ice fisherman, a bombardier used for ice fishing, the “Snowbirds”, a combine, an oil rig, a logging truck, a coast guard ship, Haida totem poles, carvings, smoking salmon, jingle dress, Inuit hunters, an igloo, white water rafting image with Pierre and Justin Trudeau. There are national parks, so many animals, like narwhals, beluga whales, seals, beaver, caribou, grizzly catching fish, polar bear, moose, and puffins.

Curling icon Jennifer Jones, Natalie McMaster for fiddling, Eveline Hart as a ballerina, Nancy Greene as a skier, figure skater Karen Magnusson, David Suzuki, Terry Fox, Rick Hanson for Wheels in Motion, the Queen.

Other images like “Signal Hill”, the Hopewell Rocks, Chateau Frontenac, a train, an ox cart, a portager, the word “Sorry”, The Red Green Show, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Anne of Green Cables, Mr. Dress-up, The Friendly Giant, the Canadian House Hippo. There is something for everyone to connect and identify with.

75 of the 150 paintings form this touring exhibit. Paintings, each one-foot square are hung 5 from floor to ceiling with about 2″ between them. If more space is available, they can be hung 3 or 4 deep.