Spheres and Lens & Tabernacle

Artist: Susan Turner
The body of work speaks of energy and play; exploring circular and vertical motion, pattern, colour, and repetition.

Spheres (14” x 14”) and Lens (5.5” x 5.5”) are square format images, solid, and rooted. They are built on Susan’s observation of forms in nature such as leaves, drops of water, and insects and on her observation of objects in the built environment such as mechanical devices, typography, and household items. These two series are printed on a large format inkjet printer with archival inks on heavy weight, Hahnemuhle German Etching paper (specifically designed for inkjet printing) and reminiscent of the traditional papers used for hundreds of years by artists for etching and lithography.

Tabernacle (30” x 48”) is five artworks that employs experimentation in vinyl, silk, and mylar as alternate printing substrates. These materials can be affected by the movement of air, a quality that ties in with Susan’s conceptual interests in change, vulnerability, and impermanence. The images are based on ceremonial fabrics and iconic biblical symbols. The pieces counter familiar and intimate experiences that viewers may have had with the symbols depicted. The symbols are transformed into a visual metaphor, and act as pathways for reflection, for the interpretation of imaginings and sensations, for musing on invented realities, and for wanderings into memory.

20 individual works that run approximately 100 linear feet. The vinyl prints are suspended between white poster grippers. Two clear plastic hanging hooks slide into the track of the top poster gripper. The bottom grippers act as weights for the pieces. The works on paper are framed, and are hung from a wire or a hanging gripper on the back of the frame.