The Process of Closure

Artist: Katrina Craig
Touring September 2017 – December 2018
Booking Fee: $150 members / $250 non-members

The Process of Closure deals with issues of grief and loss. Craig recognizes that these are universal emotions that in general, we try to rush past. There is an attempt to push traces of this experience “under a rug” and keep walking over it like nothing happened. We erase the tokens of those who we’ve broken up with, lost friendships and loved ones who have passed away, only to find more hiding in unlikely places. In The Process of Closure Craig uses these items to create woven wall hangings. The process of taking the items apart and weaving with them is cathartic, and the process gives you the space and time to think.

Craig hopes to bring more awareness about grieving and how universal the experience of loss is. By using deconstructed materials, the viewer can get flashes of information; a line from a journal page, a jawline, a blue eye, a wedding band, a book you’ve read. The subject matter is relatable; seeing journals, a photo, or jewellery from the lost love of others, reminds viewers of their own losses.Fifteen weavings created with textile materials in combination with donated, deconstructed objects. The stories associated with the donated items will be presented alongside the work created from them. The items I receive will dictate the forms of the weavings. All works are ready-to-hang.

Other people’s experiences can help us process our own isolation of grief and loss. We spend so much time using these items that they become associated with an era of our lives that should be honoured, instead of discarded or hidden away.

​Artist Biography
My practice is an expression of the physical and emotional experiences that are kept under the surface, revealed only to those who are closest. The attitudes of those around us impact what we choose to openly share, which in turn, impacts on how we feel about these experiences. I use a variety of textile methods and materials in my practice, and adjust my methods based on what will give me the best result for my concept. I use reused or natural materials and vegetable- based dyes whenever possible to soften the impact my practice has on the environment.

​I’m sentimental and keep things that were important to me and feel guilty throwing them away. Thinking about how to honor these objects, I’ve been taking them apart and transforming them into materials with textile processes. The time consuming processes give me time to reflect, and it feels meaningful to take something that causes me pain and create something beautiful from it. As challenging as I find it, it’s important to reflect on the experiences that have lead me to where I am and who I am.

Incorporating other people’s objects allows me to hear about their experiences and have a better understanding of who they are, and how loss has shaped them.

Touring September 2017 to December 2018​
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