Doug Edmond

Doug Edmond, singer, songwriter, pianist and flutist is an independent roots/jazz alternative artist. Doug performs solo or with his trio or five piece band in many local and festival venues across the province and north west Ontario. His previous albums and over 25 live performances per year over the past 13 years reflect diverse musical influences and styles. He has performed numerous times at the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival paying tribute to Tom Waits in 2012.Doug’s regularly performing with his band mates Mitch Dorge (of Crash Test Dummies fame) on drums/producer, Alasdair Dunlop on bass, Bill Spornitz on sax, Rubin Kantorovich on guitar.
Between best describes Edmond’s music and is the operative word in the title of his album “Between the Shadows and the Light”. The listener will “…find Doug betwixt a number of genres and influences. While his raspy pipes and folksy delivery suggest he's spent quality time with Dylan's catalogue (the cover of It's All Over Now, Baby Blue helps, too), some jazzy pop and burbling guitars move things in a Knopfleresque direction -- while the mellow saxophone and soulful elements take a detour to Van Morrison's realm. Rather than being neither here nor there, Edmond makes between seem like the right place to be.” During live performances, the group slides easily from heartfelt personal ballads to lively root-jazz numbers.

His follow up critically acclaimed Xmas release Starry Nights includes tracks by members of his five piece band as well as Sweet Alibi and Lindsey White. “This is a group of musicians using their talents to make Christmas music a little bit better and a lot more interesting”.

His third album Skipping Stones was produced by Doug's drummer - Juno award winner Mitch Dorge. The album reflects Doug's continued commitment to heart felt tunes and upbeat rootie jazz with meaningful lyrics.

Doug is currently working on his fourth album and creating music for corporate/organization videos with his video parnter Mint Leaf studio. Please check out his you tube channel for a sample of videos of his album tunes and commercial works.