Marnie Morran


When I first saw the pencil drawings of Saskatchewan artist , Bernie Brown, I immediately fell in love with the art form. So, when I decided to take some art classes, I immediately turned to drawing. I found that that my love for what I thought was a simplistic art form was far from simplistic. Actually quite complex. With its limited palette one has to truly learn about values and contrast, how to push and pull your values, how to create interest with just black, white and varying shades of grey. When viewing pencil drawings , you are not distracted, you see elements in a piece of artwork that you might have otherwise missed is the truest art form.....raw.....unhindered......simplistic and complex all at the same time..... My piece is titled \\Opening Day\\". It was the opening day of fishing season and we were fishing on the Angling Lakes in the Duck Mountains with my son and his wife. I saw Rosemary sitting in her seat


MB, Canada

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Visual Artist