Michael Gabriel


“Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor, and Chris de Burgh, Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners...”Coral Andrews - The Record“What a perfect illustration of the community building theme.” Glen Brown - Greater Hamilton Musician"Michael Gabriel\'s ‘Strings Attached’ concert series has been extremely well received by the public and the press since its inception. With Michael’s original story-telling and emotionally fluid material, intricate choir arrangements, and a gifted orchestral ensemble, the ‘Strings Attached’ live experience has become:...a breathtaking coming together of sound.” - Marielle Julian, Velvet Rope Magazine\'Strings Attached\' can be adjusted to suit any venue and almost any budget. A typical production consists of five members covering lead vocals, guitar, 3-part string section, piano, percussion with guest choirs and string players. Because the show is designed to travel light, three of the five members can be hired locally, leaving two touring core members. Additionally, the concert series can be scaled down to accommodate venue capacity: ex. Solo: Michael Gabriel - Vocals and Guitar; Duo: Michael and Cello or Piano; Trio: Michael, Cello and Piano.Michael first began singing classical compositions -everything from Italian folk songs to arias. He even started to open the door to opera. It all changed when he started playing guitar, as he was immediately drawn to the craft of songwriting. He dove into performing for original pop rock bands in Canada and the US. Eventually, he returned to his finger-picking and rhythmic strumming style on his nylon string guitar. This chapter extended for over a decade and included the divine singer-songwriter lifestyle of being on the road, in a camper, in the studio and on the stage.Playing live and writing original material has been the constant in Michael’s career. He has toured extensively and has recorded several original albums. To date, he has released 3 EP’s, 4 LP’s, a live CD and a boxed set. ‘Strings Attached’ was launched to showcase his strongest material with orchestral pop flavours to create an event that has been in the making for his entire career.“The timing to present what I\'ve been shaping for decades arrived at a moment in my career where I can professionally and almost limitlessly display everything I have to give as an artist. With this concert, comes a literal stage to present my songs, style and stories, in tandem with an exciting and uncompromising objective to provide an emotionally driven concert experience that is fluid, well rounded, dynamic and adjusts in size to fit any venue.” -- Michael Gabriel________________________________________________________________________________________Community and Educational Outreach and Involvement:A local youth choir and/or local string players will join the ensemble in each city on tour. We work with a wide range of local talent. Participating choirs have been: glee clubs, school choirs, children and youth community choirs and adult ensembles. String sections have been booked from string academies and music schools. All of the string scores and choir arrangements are sent to the local performers in advance to expedite the rehearsal process. As a result, only one or two rehearsals are required. This allows the \'Strings Attached\' production to have an efficient and busy touring schedule while involving the community.Songwriting Workshops and Donations to CharitiesIt is important for \'Strings Attached\' to tangibly give back by donating partial proceeds from every ticket to local charities and to leave positive impressions by including local talent on the stage and providing preview and workshop events in the communities we visit. Partnerships with local social hubs, ex: libraries, are formed to present outreach programs.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada